How To Deal With Bird Nests

Coals put it there, let Coles remove it!

If you hear chirping coming from within your chimney it’s a possible sign you may have a bird building a nest within it. Chimneys can seem attractive to birds as they provide shelter from the elements as they try to build their nests. The problem here is as they start building up their homes with sticks and twigs this reduces airflow for your fire, these bird nests then become a fire risk.

The best way to deal with birds trying to make your chimney their home is to install a non-invasive bird guard. This physically prevents birds from depositing sticks down your chimney, saving you the hassle of calling out a chimney sweep repeatedly to remove sticks from your fireplace and ultimately keeps your chimney safe. We have a multitude of Bird Guards available in various shapes and sizes to fit all kinds of chimney pots so as to prevent these bird nests from occurring – usually they are chosen dependent on what chimney pot you have so as to be most effective.

If you think you have a bird endeavoring to fill your chimney with twigs then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01823 480930 or use the contact form here. We’ll talk you through each step of the process using our state-of-the-art camera equipment, which allows us to locate any birds, eggs or nests.

Bird Nest | Camera equipment used for locating bird

Hopefully, if all goes well we can remove the bird and the nest in good time, reducing any risk to the building or bird. This one below was removed by Joe after a customer in Taunton, Somerset called about hearing chirping in their chimney. The bird was in good health (if a little sooty) and was released and the nest removed.

Chimney Sweeping - Bird Nests | Camera equipment used for locating bird