M H Coles Ltd

Coals put it there, let Coles remove it!

We’re M H Coles Chimney Sweeping

We’re a family run business based in Taunton, Somerset and have been in the Chimney Sweeping business for over 40 years. We,  as Coles Chimney Sweeping, pride ourselves on our professional approach as well as the standard of cleanliness and work ethic we hold ourselves to.

We sweep fireplaces of all shapes and sizes…

We sweep anything from small wood-burners to Agas and have been doing so for the last 40 years.

This experience, along with our extensive, loyal customer base has made Coles Chimney Sweeping well known throughout Somerset.

Bird Nest Removal Services

Occasionally birds decide to create their nests within our chimneys by placing a multitude of sticks within it – this blocks airflow and can even be a fire hazard.

It’s important if you notice twigs coming down through into your fireplace, or if you hear chirping, to get a certified chimney sweep to remove the nest.